AAMP Membership Benefits

The American Association of Meat Processors provides a wide variety of services for its meat industry members. The following information offers a broad overview of programs and benefits. For more details, please contact an AAMP member or the AAMP office directly.

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Website with Useful Links
To seek further information from other organizations in the food industry. These links are for meat industries, government agencies, organizations such as other trade associations (National, Regional, and State), Universities, meat industry publications, recalls, etc. We do hope that this section provides useful and helpful information as you surf through the websites.

AAMPlifier Bulletin (Members only)
The AAMPlifier contains a wealth of information on industry trends, important national news, Association activities, and operational information to keep members fully informed about events affecting their business.

Capitol Line-Up Bulletin (Members only)
The Capitol Line-Up deals strictly with governmental affairs in the industry. AAMP publishes the Capitol Line-Up 26 times a year. The newsletter keeps AAMP members up to date with the latest news about government affairs from Congress and key agencies in Washington, as well as state legislatures and state regulatory bodies.

National Convention (Details)
The annual meeting of the organization is the American Convention of Meat Processors. This show features a serious educational program for operators, sparkling entertainment, fun and fellowship…plus exhibits and displays by leading industry manufacturers and suppliers.

American Cured Meat Championships (Details)
North America’s largest national competition for cured meats is judged by top meat experts and scientists.

Representation in Washington
A vigilant watchdog on Congressional legislation, agency regulation, and government activities that affect your business. We develop relationships with members of Congress and their staffs, and provide input concerning laws that would affect the industry. Adequate input on topics of concern to make your views known to decision-makers.

Meat Inspection Problem-Solving
AAMP helps its members to solve inspection problems they encounter in the course of day-to-day product production and business with personal attention and advice. AAMP helps members who are having problems seek fair solutions directly with the federal and state inspection agencies. AAMP also provides immediate telephone advice on SSOP’s, sanitation, HACCP, and other problems.

Supporting Documentation for HACCP Plans (Members only)
AAMP has collected numerous papers to help its members support the reason why certain critical limits are chosen throughout HACCP plans.

Model HACCP Plans (Members only)

The model HACCP plans are not just basic plans.  They contain all of the information that you need to know when developing a HACCP plan.  Within each HACCP plan, common critical control points (CCPs) were determined with common critical limits (CLs).  These two essential points are backed up by supporting documentation that is only a click away.

HACCP Validation Information (Members only)

AAMP has developed a comprehensive approach to gather and organization your validation information. The validation compliance guidance references “validation worksheets” to organize the information that FSIS is looking for.

Single-Ingredient Nutrition Labeling (Members Only)

Over 300 labels for single ingredient meat and poultry products as well as full-color point-of-purchase brochures.

Representation Before Food Safety & Inspection Service and State Inspection Agencies
AAMP frequently meets with the regulators at both the federal and state levels to make sure that the interests of its members are considered. When new regulations are proposed, AAMP provides input to make sure that small business interests are taken into account.

Education – Workshops and Seminars (Details)
Regular hands-on educational programs in various parts of the country that give operators instruction in new products, new technology, new management ideas, and food safety, including HACCP.

Education – Audio and Video
Cassettes provide a low-cost opportunity for home study. Learning and training tapes offer information on a multitude of topics and timely subjects.

Supplier Information
AAMP membership is also open to suppliers to the meat industry. They readily provide information and advice on products, services and resources that can be helpful to operators seeking assistance.

Gold Book (Members only)
All members receive the Gold Book free, a resource directory of AAMP supplier and business operator members, including contact person, phone numbers and descriptions. Membership contact information can also be accessed online (members only).

Membership Plaque
On first year’s renewal, AAMP members receive a distinctive membership plaque, suitable for counter or wall display.

Affiliated Power Purchasers International, LLC (APPI) (Details)

APPI Energy provides the Powerful Solutions Program, an exclusive member benefit that assists members in managing and reducing their energy expenses.  APPI Energy navigates the maze of energy deregulation by negotiating favorable “real-time” pricing and contract terms and conditions with competitive energy suppliers across the country.  APPI Energy provides energy procurement services with minimal time commitment and no upfront cost.  Visit APPI on the web at www.appienergy.com or call 1-800-520-6685.

UPS Savings Program

Let AAMP improve your bottom line with competitive rates on UPS® shipping services. Save up to 34%* on a broad portfolio of services, including air, international and ground services, plus 50%* off select services for up to four weeks after you enroll.* Savings begin at 75%* on UPS Freight® shipments over 150 lbs. UPS understands how important speed, reliability, and cost are to meeting your business goals and your customers’ needs. To enroll and start saving today, visit savewithups.com/aamp or call 1-800-MEMBERS (1-800-636-2377), M-F, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST.

*Visit savewithups.com/aamp for specific services and discounts. Click here for details on Introductory Program discounts.