Award Winners

Achievement Award

The Achievement Award is AAMP’s highest honor bestowed on an AAMP member for continuing service to the meat industry.

  • 2017 Winner – Randy & Teresa Alewel – Alewel’s Country Meats, Warrensburg, Missouri
  • 2016 Winner – Bob and Judy Filbrandt, Bob’s Processing Inc., South Haven, Michigan
  • 2015 Winner – Ken and Marcia Richmann, Clarence, Iowa
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Accomplishment Award (Download Application)

The Accomplishment Award was established to recognize up-and-coming AAMP members who have made strides in the meat industry. The award will honor a person or persons who have, for example, achieved outstanding company growth, successfully developed a new product, invention or service, or launched a noteworthy marketing campaign.

  • 2017 Winner – Jason & Erica Hering, Ralph’s Packing Company, Perkins, Oklahoma
  • 2016 Winner – Alan and Carol Waggoner, Yoder Meats, Yoder, Kansas
  • 2015 Winner – Jennifer Witthaus, Jonesburg, Missouri
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Outstanding Service Award (Download Application)

The Outstanding Service Award is an honor to be bestowed on affiliated associations, officers, secretaries or leaders by AAMP. In 1995 the board of Directors voted to identify these associations and/or leaders whose dedication and enthusiasm have elevated the association to an outstanding degree. This award will recognize noteworthy state, regional, or provincial associations or remarkable leaders.

  • 2017 Winner – Janis Fisher, Indiana Meat Packers & Processors Association, Portland, Indiana
  • 2016 Winner – Tom Katen, Cargill, Willshire, Ohio
  • 2015 Winner – Anna Ondick, Southeastern Meat Association, Oviedo, Florida
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Cured Meats Hall of Fame Award (Download Application)

The Cured Meats Hall of Fame Award was established to recognize individuals that have shown a long-standing excellence in the production of cured meats. One person per year will be selected to receive the award unless otherwise recommended. Award winners have actively participated in the American Cured Meat Championships for several years, state cured meat shows, demonstrated exceptional ability in the production of cured meats, been involved in AAMP activities, and willing to share knowledge and information with others in the meat industry.

  • 2017 Winners – Doug Hankes, Thrushwood Farms Quality Meats (Galesburg, Illinois); and Jason Hering, Ralph’s Packing Company, (Perkins, Oklahoma)
  • 2016 Winners – David Sutton (Newhall, IA) and Mike Sloan (Hermann, Missouri)
  • 2015 Winners – Dwight Ely (Newtown, PA) and Bill Dayton (Malcom, Iowa)
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Cured Meats Excellence Award (About Award)

Introduced at the 2011 American Cured Meat Championships (ACMC), the Cured Meat Excellence Award was designed to acknowledge the processor that competed the best throughout the entire competition.

  • 2017 Award Winner – Gary Bardine, Bardine’s Country Smoke House, Crabtree, Pennsylvania
  • 2016 Award Winner – Aaron & Darla Kiesel, Dewig Meats, Haubstadt, Indiana
  • 2015 Award Winners (Tie) – Gary Bardine, Bardine’s Country Smokehouse Inc., Crabtree, Pennsylvania; and Ed Woods, Wood’s Smoked Meats, Bowling Green, Missouri
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Clarence Knebel Best of Show Memorial Award

The Clarence Knebel Best of Show Memorial Award was established in honor of Clarence Knebel to honor the “Best of the Best” from the award-winning products entered in the annual American Cured Meat Championships.

  • 2017 Winner – Mark Reynolds, Country Meat Shop, Moberly, Missouri
  • 2016 Winner – Jake & Leslie Sailer, Sailer’s Food Market & Meat Processing, Elmwood, Wisconsin
  • 2015 Winner – Bardine’s Country Smokehouse, Inc., Crabtree, Pennsylvania
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American Cured Meat Championship Award Winners

The American Cured Meat Championship Awards are given out annually at the competition that is held in conjunction with the American Convention of Meat Processors. The products are evaluated by judges who are meat scientists and specialists in the meat industry.

Golden Cleaver Trophy

The AAMP Golden Cleaver Trophy acknowledges the member who has recruited the highest number of new members to the join the American Association of Meat Processors. The recruitment period is from June 1 until May 30 in one year.

  • 2017 Winner – Doug Hankes, Thrushwood Farms Quality Meats, Galesburg, Illinois
  • 2016 Winner – Chad Lottman, C&C Processing, Diller, Nebraska
  • 2015 Winner – Louie Muench, Cumberland, Wisconsin
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F.W. Witt Supplier of the Year Award

The F.W. Witt Supplier of the Year Award was established to honor a person and/or supplier member who has devoted much of his or her career to the meat and poultry industry, particularly small and medium sized plant operators.

  • 2017 Winner – UltraSource LLC, Kansas City, Missouri
  • 2016 Winner – Walton’s Inc., Wichita, Kansas
  • 2015 Winner – Multivac, Inc., Kansas City, Missouri
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Stephen F. Krut Scholarship Award (Download Application)

A $2,000 scholarship is awarded each year to a deserving University or technical school student.  Applications are available to any student who meets the eligibility requirements as cited on the application.

  • 2017 Scholarship Winners – Danika Kay Miller, Ames, IA; and Taylor L. Harper, Columbia, MO
  • 2016 Scholarship Winners – David Weaver, Allenwood, PA; and Taylor Edmond, Bowling Green, Missouri
  • 2015 Scholarship Winner – Leighton Western, Greentop, Missouri

Best Booth Award

The Best Booth Award was established to recognize an AAMP supplier firm that is listed in the Official Convention Program. The event is held annually at the AAMP supplier trade show. Booths will be judged on booth personnel, booth appearance, and booth “ambiance”.

  • 2017 Best Single Booth – Automaten – und Bedarfshandel, Frankfort, Germany
  • 2017 Best Multiple Booth – PS Seasoning & Spices/Pro Smoker n Roaster/Vortron, Iron Ridge, Wisconsin
  • 2016 Best Single Booth – Patty Paper, Plymouth, Indiana
  • 2016 Best Multiple Booth – UltraSource LLC, Kansas City, Missouri
  • 2015 Best Single Booth – We R Food Safety, Menomonie, Wisconsin
  • 2015 Best Multiple Booth – VC999, Kansas City, Missouri