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BioSafe Partners with Other Industry Leaders and NIOSH in Discussions Regarding Peracetic Acid (PAA)

BioSafeEAST HARTFORD, Connecticut – BioSafe Systems, a member of the Peroxy Compounds Task Force (PCTF) – Peracetic Acid Group which consists of PAA manufacturers, along with the National Chicken Council and the Aseptic and Antimicrobial Processing and Packaging Association (AAPPA) is working in collaboration with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) on setting a new proposed Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH) value for airborne peroxyacetic acid in various commercial operations.

BioSafe Systems and most other members of the PCTF – Peracetic Acid Group believe the peracetic acid (IDLH) value proposed by NIOSH is overly conservative and not based upon sound science. The PCTF is working with NIOSH to increase the proposed (IDLH) value by providing relevant data and information.

The current NIOSH proposal would increase cost and add inconvenience for hatcheries, farms and plants using peracetic acid. PAA atmospheric monitors will likely be required and results tracked in addition to added Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Affected industries include poultry, beef, swine and vegetable processing, aseptic packaging operations, hospitals and commercial disinfection operations.

BioSafe is concerned about worker safety and we are working with the meat and poultry industry to minimize potential exposure to employees and USDA inspectors, and with NIOSH to set an IDLH value based on scientifically supported data.

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BioSafe Systems to Excited to See Push for Sustainability in Poultry Industry

BioSafeEAST HARTFORD, Connecticut – As the focus grows stronger on companies proposing more sustainable methods of poultry production, those already in the business gear up for the change. With numerous EPA-registered and Organic-certified products BioSafe Systems is a leader in providing green and sustainable solutions that work. ‘Simply Sustainable. Always Effective.’ is not just our tagline—it’s the foundation on which the company is built.

Our goal is to help growers and producers establish programs that are cost effective and successful, but also sustainable for the environment and the farm. This belief in a “farm-to-fork” approach pushes us to be on the forefront of innovation and to provide safe and effective products for every step of the process.

BioSafe is one of the largest manufacturers of peracetic acid (PAA) in North America providing sustainable disease control products to customers within the animal health, meat/poultry processing and egg industries.

Russell Owings, VP of Food Safety

Michael Applewhite, Technical Service Representative

Dean Allen, Regional Sales Manager

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Louis E. Muench Receives High Honor

Louie MuenchLouis E. Muench, Louie’s Finer Meats, Cumberland, WI, recently received the Wisconsin Distinguished Agriculturalist Award presented by the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences, University of Wisconsin, River Falls.

The Wisconsin Distinguished Agriculturalist Award was established in 1970 to recognize agriculturalists who have made outstanding contributions to Wisconsin agriculture, to the state and to their communities. It is jointly administered by the University, the College and the student organizations in the College.

Since 1970, Louie’s Finer Meats, a family-owned and operated small-town business, has been providing their customers with outstanding service and quality, award winning products.

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Louie Muench
Louie’s Finer Meats
P.O. Box 774
Cumberland, WI 54829

BioSafe Systems Welcomes Dean Allen to the Meat, Poultry and Seafood Team

BioSafeBioSafe Systems is proud to welcome Dean Allen to the Meat, Poultry and Seafood Team as Regional Sales Manager based in Shreveport, LA. Dean will be charged with increasing the market share and sales of BioSafe’s microbial intervention products, animal health sanitation products and food safety solutions. He will focus on developing lasting relationships with key decision makers and acquiring new customers.

Holding a degree in General Business and Business Administration from Cypress College, Dean has an impressive history in business and sales management; the Allen family owned and operated a Dale Carnegie Training franchise for several years which lead Dean to running his own business, AMA Employee Testing and Training. Dean’s experience in the specialty chemistry industry began with ChemStation where he held several sales management positions and then most recently with Zep, Inc. where he spent the last 5 years.

Dean’s unique background in sales and food safety chemistries will be an invaluable asset to BioSafe’s current and expanding client base.

“As a sales leader in the food safety industry, I have always been concerned and passionate about how our food travels from farm to plate and protecting our customer’s brand while at the same time producing the safest food possible for the everyday consumer. I am looking forward to having a long and prosperous career with BioSafe Systems.”

2017 University Class Competition Added to ACMC

7. University StudentsAAMP is pleased to announce that the University Class competition will once again be held in conjunction with the American Cured Meat Championships (ACMC), July 20-22, 2017, in Lexington, Kentucky.

The University Class competition provides a venue to students who have an interest in processed meats to compete at the intercollegiate level. In no way is the class meant to compete with the processor member, but merely provide students an opportunity to enter into a friendly competition between schools. Besides being able to interact with processor members during convention, the main goal is for students to learn more about meat processing and the applied science involved in creating various cured meats.

The competition is open to students who have an allied membership represented in some fashion from their respective institutions. The type of product(s) that students produce will vary during subsequent years at the ACMC and follow the same rules and entry guidelines for the designated product class.

For 2017, two product classes, the Cured Specialty Meat Products class and Bacon class, will be made available for competition for the University Class. All schools wishing to enter product in these classes will comply with the guidelines set forth in the ACMC competition rules concerning the designated class.

Schools will still follow check-in procedures that processor members comply with, as well as be subject to rules and registration fees for product entries. Product entered into the University Class will be not be comingled or mixed in any way with products from processor member entries. To achieve this, University Class product entries will be checked in at a separate time from that of regular ACMC product check-in. University Class product will also have a location in a judging area away from similar product types, and the scorecards, although identical in content, will be marked accordingly to separate them from the 2017 ACMC.

For eligibility, rules and registration, please visit the ACMC tab under AAMP’s website. Students must pre-register for the competition by Monday, June 19, 2017.