AAMP members successfully compete in international meat competition

AAMP members successfully competed in the second German-American IFFA Quality Competition for Sausage and Ham, held last month in Madison, Wisconsin. The winning results of which will be included as part of the IFFA trade show in Frankfurt, Germany in May.

The four days of judging in the atrium of the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery included more than 450 entries of sausages, hams, and other products from 42 AAMP member plants. A five-member jury of the German Butchers’ Association (DFV), who were overall extremely pleased with the entries, methodically examined products.

Eckhart Neun, jury chairman and DFV vice-president, said, “The idea for this cooperation between the two associations dates back to 2015, when many U.S. participants in our international IFFA competitions had more and more difficulty introducing their products to Germany at a reasonable cost.” The first German-American IFFA competition took place in 2016. Since then, the number of participants and the number of products has increased. In 2016, 329 products were submitted for evaluation. In 2019, 458 products were submitted.

The quality of products has also improved greatly, according to Neun. “We were impressed by the craftsmanship of our American colleagues,” he said. “Not only do the product names sound German, many products could easily be found in our counters.” The submitted products came from all corners of the United States and even from Canada. The only condition to the competition was participants had to be a member of AAMP, which is not unlike the German Butchers’ Association in structure and membership.

Axel J. Nolden, graduate engineer for food technology and responsible for the technical implementation of the IFFA competition, noted, “The test method that we use in our competitions, and now also in Madison, is fundamentally different from those of our American colleagues. Their [AAMP] competitions are always looking for a winning product; we evaluate each submitted product individually.”

This is also a reason for the increasing popularity of the competition, according to Nolden. “Of course, many U.S. butchers are also very proud of receiving an award from the motherland of the sausages and also appreciated the qualified nature of the feedback they received in their exam papers,” he added.

Many competitors will travel to the IFFA in Frankfurt in May to personally receive their awards and visit the trade fair itself. The DFV’s competition in Germany draws about 2,500 entries from around the world, and will now include the AAMP member entries judged in Madison. A select group of AAMP members will be asked to give their German colleagues an insight into the production of jerky and snack sticks at the DFV booth each day during the trade show. The DFV have also planned a small excursion to select German companies for AAMP members.

Official Awards Ceremony

The awarding of certificates, medals and trophies will take place on Tuesday, May 7, 2019, at 2:00 p.m., during the IFFA, held at the trade fair grounds in Frankfurt, Germany. The president of the German Butchers’ Association, Herbert Dohrmann, and representatives of the Messe Frankfurt will award them. For those unable to attend the award ceremony in Germany, awards and trophies will be mailed out as soon as possible after the IFFA show. If you plan on attending the ceremony in Germany, please contact chris@aamp.com as soon as possible.

2019 Overall Results:

  • 42 Participants
  • 458 Products
  • 351 Gold Medals
  • 25 Cups of Honour (awarded to those with 5 or more gold medals in the competition)
  • View Overall results: https://bit.ly/2TDXsbl

Overall Winner: Louie’s Finer Meats, Cumberland, WI with 31 Gold

  • 1st Winner of Sausage: Louie’s Finer Meats, Cumberland, WI with 25 Sausage Gold
  • 2nd Winner of Sausage: RJ’s Meats, Hudson, WI with 18 Sausage Gold
  • 1st Winner of Ham: RJ’s Meats, Hudson, WI with 10 Ham Gold
  • 2nd Winner of Ham: Tiefenthaler Quality Meats, Holstein, IA with 9 Ham Gold