Best Booth Award Winners

The Best Booth Award was established to recognize an AAMP supplier firm that is listed in the Official Convention Program. The event is held annually at the AAMP supplier trade show. Booths will be judged on booth personnel, booth appearance, and booth “ambiance”.

  • 2019 Best Single Booth – Jaccard Corporation, Rochester, New York
  • 2019 Best Multiple Booth – Mainca USA Inc., St. Louis, Missouri
  • 2018 Best Single Booth – We R Food Safety, Menomonie, Wisconsin
  • 2018 Best Multiple Booth – Quality Casings, Hebron, Kentucky
  • 2017 Best Single Booth – Automaten – und Bedarfshandel, Frankfort, Germany
  • 2017 Best Multiple Booth – PS Seasoning & Spices/Pro Smoker n Roaster/Vortron, Iron Ridge, Wisconsin
  • 2016 Best Single Booth – Patty Paper, Plymouth, Indiana
  • 2016 Best Multiple Booth – UltraSource LLC, Kansas City, Missouri
  • 2015 Best Single Booth – We R Food Safety, Menomonie, Wisconsin
  • 2015 Best Multiple Booth – VC999, Kansas City, Missouri