German Butchers’ Association, AAMP, bring IFFA Quality Competition to the U.S. in January

The German Butchers' Association (DFV), in partnership with the American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP), will once again be hosting an IFFA Quality Competition for AAMP members in the United States.

The DFV-AAMP Quality Competition for Sausage and Ham will take place at Penn State University in State College, Pa. from January 15-22, 2022. The competition will be in the Hetzel Union Building (HUB).

AAMP first formed a partnership with the DFV in 2016 to allow American processors to participate in a “satellite” competition where the results from the event would be honored as part of the IFFA, held in Germany every three years. IFFA is recognized as the world's leading meat industry trade fair. The partnership was formed due to the difficulties of shipping meat and meat products from non-EU countries into Germany for quality testing.
“This competition is an opportunity for American processors to participate on an international level without having to leave the country,” said Chris Young, AAMP executive director. “AAMP first formed a partnership with the DFV in 2016 to host the inaugural satellite competition. Our members have enjoyed seeing how their products measure up in comparison to the German standard and many have done extremely well in the past two competitions we have held with the DFV.”

The results of the U.S. competition will be included with those from Germany and acknowledged as being a part of the 2022 IFFA. The DFV will bring the same judges to the U.S. to judge those products. Awards from this competition will be presented at the IFFA show in May.
This competition is slightly different from AAMP's American Cured Meat Championships (ACMC). Each product is judged against a standard rather than against another entrant's product. Each item entered will receive a score; if that score is high enough, the entrant could earn a gold, silver, or bronze medal, or no medal at all. “It is very prestigious to earn one of these medals and to know that the product matches up to these internationally recognized standards set by IFFA,” added Young.

Products entered in this competition will be judged according to the same standards as those set in the ACMC. Entrants should make a quality product that has a decent appearance, color, and is without abundant wrinkling. Products should be stuffed correctly to avoid air pockets, have good particle definition, and have a quality flavor. Judges will look at the outward appearance first, then the inside appearance, and lastly taste.


Award Ceremony:
The awarding of certificates, medals, and trophies will take place on Tuesday, May 17, 2022, at 2:00 p.m., during the IFFA, held at the trade fair grounds in Frankfurt. The president of the German Butchers' Association, Mr. Herbert Dohrmann, and representatives of the Messe Frankfurt will award them. If AAMP members are unable to attend the ceremony in person, awards will be shipped back at a later date.

To enter the competition, participants must be a member of AAMP.
The cost of the competition is $110 per entry. The fee includes the testing costs, medals, certificates, as well as the corresponding trophies. Discounts are available for a certain number of entries. The registration deadline is December 15, 2021.
Registration forms and instructions for shipping products are available under AAMP's website at Questions about the competition? Please email or contact the AAMP office at 717-367-1168.

AAMP members can register here.