Oliver Mincey to deliver keynote address at AAMP Convention

The HR expert and co-founder of S+O Coaching LLC has led a popular series of webinars for AAMP.
During the winter of 2022-2023, Oliver Lee Mincey, co-founder of S+O Coaching LLC, led five webinars for AAMP members. The webinars, which covered everything from finding “hell yeah” talent to onboarding new employees to maximizing your workforce's potential, delivered more than five hours of advice, ideas, and inspiration to help attendees become superior employers and grow their businesses. Even then, it barely scratched the surface of Oliver's expertise, as he has more than 15 years of experience learning about human resources and leadership from some of the most widely respected companies around. If you enjoyed those webinars, then you definitely will not want to miss the opening session of the AAMP Convention on July 13, as Oliver Mincey will deliver the keynote address.

“The delivery of all the content was fast and furious. It was a lot,” Oliver says of the webinar series. “I was absolutely honored to be able to share my knowledge and my expertise and incredibly humbled that people were listening, and people were paying attention and asking questions.”

Oliver honed his skills by working for a number of leading corporations in the country, including The Coca-Cola Co., The Walt Disney Co., NBC/Universal, Aramark and Belcampo. He has loved his work, and as he has noted in his webinars, happy and engaged employees are high-performing employees. “That is what helped me to show up every day with the right attitude. It was what helped me to be able to be open minded, to try new things, to be uncomfortable in trying new things that I had absolutely no experience in doing. But the experience only comes from doing,” he says.

Oliver points to his 10 years at Coca-Cola as a time that was particularly impactful. When he joined the team, he had just turned 21 years old. Coke paid for his further education and gave him the opportunities to become a manager and an organizational leader. “It taught me about the responsibility of the brand. It taught me about the importance of culture, it taught me about the importance of taking care of your people,” Oliver says. The importance of investing in your people is something that has resonated with him over the course of his career.

Today, Oliver is busy with S+O Coaching, a company that provides full employee life-cycle Human Resources consulting and coaching services with a focus on supporting small and mid-sized organizations. He stresses that small companies have advantages over the larger corporations. A corporation is like an aircraft carrier, which is large and impressive but completely unable to pivot at a moment's notice. Small companies, he points out, can make quick decisions and test ideas to improve the business or fix problems within the company. They can try strategies that might make the difference between being well staffed or not staffed at all.

“Small is beautiful, small is fast, small is nimble, and small can take some good bets to try things that might move the needle in the right direction,” Oliver adds.

So, after seeing Oliver lead his webinars from the confines of a small box on a computer screen, what can convention attendees expect at his live keynote address? A lot of energy, for one thing. "I like to share examples through storytelling, and that really powers up my experience. I really want people to participate in the conversation.

“I for certain know it's going to be informative and will be a value add to everybody sitting there, listening and participating. I promise I will send them back to their businesses with some really simple ideas, concepts and great practices for them to take great care of their people and then in turn, have their business be taken care of by their team,” he added.