AAMP Introduces Al Pfannenstein Seasoning Library

AAMP now offers a library of recipes that processors can use for their new product development process.

Product development can be a rewarding, but frequently challenging, experience. Creating a new flavor of sausage, bologna or snack stick requires considerable trial and error, and sometimes it may seem like all you get are the errors. Maybe the ingredients don't blend as well as you hope. Maybe you're just not feeling your usual creative spark.

In order to help provide a little inspiration to our processors, AAMP is unveiling the Al Pfannenstein Seasoning Library. The Seasoning Library was developed by Bruce Armstrong, a retired meat scientist with 50 years of experience in the industry. Bruce got his start at Lumberjack Meats in 1972 and worked at Kerry, Saratoga Food Specialties and LifeSpice Ingredients in his career. He approached AAMP with the idea of creating a library of recipes that processors can use for their new product development process.

“As a processor, you may want to develop a new or different sausage. Where do you start? You start with AAMP's library of sausage seasonings,” he says. “These seasoning formulas give you a simple starting point.” Bruce is a regular speaker at AAMP's annual convention, and he will be discussing regional and international flavors at the association's convention in Charleston, SC, taking place July 13-15.

The seasoning library will be set up by product type: Hot Dog, Bologna, Smoked Sausage, Ring Bologna, Pork Sausage, Bratwurst, Italian Sausage, International Sausage, Bacon Cure, and Ham Cure. You can replicate national brands or just get a great start on new sausage. Additionally, Bruce is willing to develop a specific seasoning for your company, for a nominal fee.

The first category to be included in the Seasoning Library is hot dogs. Bruce has created a mild hot dog that would be popular for children. If you want something with a little more flavor, there is a “Secret Kick” hot dog to try. Bruce also offers a Coney Island-style beef hot dog that cooks very well on a grill. Other categories will be updated soon.

Al Pfannenstein was the owner and operator of St. Joseph Meat Market in St. Joseph, MN. Al knew that sausage-making was an art, and he was an active member of the Minnesota Association of Meat Processors. He respected his fellow processors and gave special time to his seasoning, casing and packaging salespeople. He always felt that he knew how to make good sausage, but these experts knew why a sausage would or would not turn out. Al's collaboration with Bruce was a catalyst in the creation of the seasoning library, and for that reason, we are happy to name it in his honor.

The Al Pfannenstein Seasoning Library is an exclusive benefit to AAMP members and is available at More recipes will be added by Bruce soon, but it is his hope that this Seasoning Library turns into a community-driven event, where AAMP processors can find a new recipe and perhaps share one of their own. If you wish to contribute, send a recipe to and a description of the product. Credit will be given to those who contribute.