Mondilor Announces Expansion into the US Market, Seeking Distributors

Mondilor is a small but fast-growing Singapore-based company specializing in safe and effective shelf-life solutions for meat processors.
Mondilor, a small but fast-growing Singapore-based company specializing in safe and effective shelf-life solutions for meat processors, is excited to announce its expansion into the United States market and is actively seeking distributors for collaboration.

With successful distribution networks already established in Mexico, South America, Asia, and Africa, Mondilor is eager to partner with enthusiastic distributors in the US who are keen on introducing their ground-breaking solutions to the local meat industry. 

As the demand for high-quality and safe meat products continues to rise, Mondilor has been at the forefront of developing innovative solutions that extend the shelf life of processed meat, reducing waste and ensuring freshness. Mondilor products are scientifically formulated and tested, backed by years of research and expertise in the field of food preservation and microbiology. 

Mondilor's diverse range of shelf life solutions includes natural antimicrobials, organic acid blends, and liquid coating technologies designed specifically for emulsion sausages, meat brines and fresh meat products. Their proprietary technology has been proven to effectively inhibit microbial growth and spoilage bacteria, preserving the quality of meat products for extended periods without compromising taste or safety. 

"Entering the US market is a significant milestone for Mondilor," says John Knust, Marketing Executive of Mondilor. "We are confident that our innovative solutions will address the evolving needs of the meat industry in the US, enabling processors to reduce waste and enhance profitability. We are actively seeking like-minded distributors who share our commitment to excellence and want to tap into this exciting market opportunity." 

Through their Distributor Partnership Program, distributors will gain access to their cutting-edge products, comprehensive training, and ongoing technical support, ensuring their successful collaboration and mutual growth. 

Mondilor invites interested distributors to email Mr. Brian Moore on to express their interest in exploring Distributorship opportunities. For general information you can visit the Mondilor website at