AAMP Partners with Range Meat Academy

AAMP Members can receive discount from online meat training school.
AAMP is pleased to announce a new partnership with Range Meat Academy, an online training program that is helping to meet the industry-wide demand for more butchers and meat-cutters. Through Range Meat Academy's online programs, newcomers to the meat industry or existing employees looking for additional training can gain extensive and valuable knowledge about cutting, merchandising and selling meat.

AAMP members can receive a 10% discount when enrolling employees into Range Meat Academy's various online courses. Members can go to for more information about Range Meat Academy and to obtain the discount code.

Range Meat Academy was devised by renowned butcher and author Kari Underly. Kari is a third-generation butcher whose work in the meat industry has included developing and marketing value-added beef cuts like the flat-iron steak and the Denver steak. She is the author of the James Beard-nominated book, The Art of Beef Cutting: A Meat Professional's Guide to Butchering and Merchandising.

“We're excited to be a partner, and we really feel like we can help grow the industry,” Kari says of the partnership.

Range Meat Academy's curriculum is used in junior colleges, workforce development programs, meat distributors, grocery stores and meat processors. The classes cover beef, pork, poultry and lamb, and there are two types of curriculums, the clerk and the cutter.

“The clerk is used, typically, for somebody who's just starting in the industry, and the skills that you would gain through that curriculum is almost an equivalent to being a supermarket butcher. You need to know what the sub-primals are, what the cuts are, substitutable cuts, and just really learning about the meat in general,” Kari says. “The meat cutter curriculum picks up on the basics of the meat clerk curriculum, but there we start with the whole animal. For beef, we start with two quarters of beef, and we break it down: primals, sub-primals, individual muscles and all the way to the cuts. Within that, we teach them how to cut and process the typical cuts, and then we also teach them how to do some of the value-added cuts.” More than 10 hours of instructional videos are available to teach how to break down the animal into individual cuts.

Add-ons to the program can enhance the overall Program. Manager Experience allows a supervisor to track employee process as they progress through the coursework. Observation Checklists allows the employer to test the students in real-world tasks, such as setting up their workstation properly, performing a cutting test or demonstrating knife skills. Branded Learning Portals enhances a company's training initiatives, reinforce the brand identity, and instills a sense of pride and ownership among employees. Leaderboards can instill friendly competition, motivation, and recognition.

“We're excited about that expansion of the program, because it really helps us take the online learning and then marry it up with a processor and provide them extra tools to evaluate the work that the employees are doing,” Kari says.

For more information about Range Meat Academy, please visit