AMI Becomes U.S. Master Distributor for Print & Apply Labeler

Phoenix Labeling Will Be Offered as Cami Label

Automated Marking Inc. (AMI) is pleased to announce a master distributorship with Italian manufacturer, Phoenix Labeling. AMI's brand name, CAMI Label, will be offered in the U.S. The systems are electric print & apply solutions with multiple applicator options, including, but not limited to, tamp/blow (linear), swing arm, wipe-on, corner wrap and pallet.

“We can't say enough about the quality of products that Phoenix Labeling produces. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to offer these technologically advanced labelers that are simple to use and effective at getting the job done,” said Deana Dods, Director of Business Development for AMI.

Julian Mear, CEO of AMI, added, “We are grateful to Phoenix Labeling for this partnership and we are confident that customers will be thrilled with the combination of the quality of these systems and our combined expertise for support.”

“We are honored to have AMI as a partner representing our equipment in the U.S.” said Matteo Renzi, Global Business Development Manager for Phoenix Labeling. “AMI is, first and foremost, a company of people who share the same values as the Phoenix Labeling family. Their expertise in the coding & marking industry, as well as their high level of service, will ensure the best possible support to our customers in North America,” Renzi concluded.  

A print & apply system prints coding and traceability data on a self-adhesive label and then applies it directly to a product, package or pallet before its arrival in the warehouse or before shipment. CAMI Label systems are all-electric, avoiding the need for compressed air and are an integration of an industrial printer for labels and an applicator, which brings labels from the printer to the product. 

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