PS Seasoning Says Aloha to New BBQ Rubs & Sauce

Company makes a splash with launch of its huli huli-inspired Pineapple Teriyaki duo.
PS Seasoning, a leading provider of specialty seasonings and sauces, announces a new wave of products for summer grilling season. The new huli-huli inspired Big Kahuna Pineapple Teriyaki Rub and Sauce, as well as The BBQ General SPG Rub, are fresh additions to the company's best-selling line of barbeque seasonings and sauces.

"Fruit is dominating flavor trends this year," say Ryan Johnson, marketing director for PS Seasoning. "Pairing fruit with a comfort food like BBQ is a fun and unexpected twist on traditional grilling flavors." The rub and sauce both feature pineapple, brown sugar, sesame seeds, ginger and tamari. 

In addition to the pineapple teriyaki line, the company also released an all-purpose rub of salt, pepper, garlic and proprietary spices in honor of National BBQ Day. “Everyone wants to make authentic Texas-style BBQ in their own backyard,” Johnson continues. “Our General SPG rub is based on those simple, yet mouthwatering flavor profiles that are designed to stand up to longer cooks.” The rub has coarser granulation that is perfect for low-and-slow meats like brisket or beef ribs, or chicken and vegetables. 

PS Seasoning will be sampling the new items at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City (booth #7207):

Big Kahuna Pineapple Teriyaki Rub
This sweet and tangy blend of brown sugar, soy sauce, sesame, pineapple, and ginger will add onolicious flavor to all your favorite grindz. Available in 6.4 oz and 26.5 oz.

Big Kahuna Pineapple Teriyaki Grilling Sauce
Inspired by the open fire flavors of Hawaii, this huli huli-style sauce is sweet and tangy with pineapple, ginger, tamari and sesame.

The BBQ General – SPG Rub
From brisket to chicken and every unit in between, this blend of salt, pepper, garlic and top-secret spices will have all the troops at your command. Available in 7 oz and 27 oz.

The seasonings are available for individual purchase at or in wholesale quantities. For more information on wholesale orders, contact the company at