AAMP Announces Two Webinars

The new webinars include the conclusion of Oliver Mincey's successful management training series and an overview on food defense.
The American Association of Meat Processors has announced two more FREE webinars designed to improve your business skills and meat industry knowledge. The new webinars include the conclusion of Oliver Mincey's successful management training series and an overview on food defense.

On Wednesday, February 15, at 2PM EST, Oliver Mincey of S+O Coaching will host “How to Build a Highly Engaged Team to Achieve Phenomenal Business Results.” More than ever, teams rely on the involvement, enthusiasm and commitment of their employees to be successful. And, today's tight labor market for many industries makes it an imperative to create a work environment where people can thrive and be all in.

According to Gallup's State of the Global Workplace report released in 2022, only 34% of employees in the United States are engaged in their jobs - that is, they are emotionally invested in and focused on creating value for their teams and employer every day. Furthermore, the study shows that actively disengaged workers (i.e., those who are negative and potentially hostile to their team, organization, manager and/or customers - make up almost 17% of the US workforce.)

Managers are missing out on the full potential of 83% of their employees. More than two-thirds of employees are just showing up for work (i.e., Quiet Quitting), and worse, nearly one in five employees are showing up and making their team members miserable.

On average, about half of workers are not completely clear about what they are supposed to do at work.

On average, only one in three workers strongly agree that they have told their manager what they need most to get their work done and why.

When an employee's manager helps him or her set performance goals, active disengagement nearly disappears, and engagement hits nearly 70%.

This 90-minute course will help you gain a greater understanding of the role that engagement plays for you, your team and the organization as a whole. The course will teach you engagement's role in the workplace, how to measure and evaluate how you are doing from an engagement perspective, and then how to take action to create and drive engagement in your organization to achieve phenomenal business results.

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On Wednesday, March 8, at 2PM EST, AAMP will host “An Overview of Food Defense.” This Food Defense webinar will overview a company's actions to prevent the intentional adulteration of the food they produce. The course will look at facility-wide procedures used in conjunction with more specific strategies developed through the outcome of a vulnerability assessment.

Leading this session is Martin Bucknavage, Senior Food Safety Associate at the Penn State Department of Food Science. Bucknavage provides technical support and training in program areas that include FSMA Preventive Controls and FSVP, HACCP, GMPs, food microbiology, food defense, food processing, auditing, food safety (U.S. Food Code) for retail, foodservice, and volunteer organizations, and consumer food safety. Prior to Penn State, he acquired over 15 years of technical management experience in the food industry with a broad scope of application including quality and food safety system development, regulatory affairs, food defense, operational process analysis and continuous improvement, microbiological analysis and control, and product development.

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The AAMP webinars are available for anyone in the meat industry. As a benefit of membership in AAMP, all webinars are recorded and archived in the members-only portion of the AAMP website.