IMPPA and IAMP Announce Joint Convention: "Machinery over Manpower"

The Indiana Meat Packers and Processors Association (IMPPA) and the Illinois Association of Meat Processors (IAMP) are hosting a joint convention, scheduled for February 22-24, 2024, in Plainfield, Indiana.
The Indiana Meat Packers and Processors Association (IMPPA) and the Illinois Association of Meat Processors (IAMP) are thrilled to announce their collaboration in hosting a joint convention, scheduled for February 22-24, 2024, in Plainfield, Indiana. Members from both organizations are warmly invited to participate in this enriching event.

Thursday's festivities promise to be a highlight of the convention, featuring engaging tours and demonstrations at three prominent locations: This Old Farm in Colfax, IN; St. Adrian Meats & Sausage in Lebanon, IN; and This Old Butcher Shoppe in Lafayette, IN. The overarching theme for the pre-convention workshop is "Machinery Over Manpower," focusing on enhancing operational efficiencies with a keen exploration of dishwashers, Whizzard knives, stuffers, linkers, and natural casing techniques.

Convention participants will embark on an educational journey to Purdue University. The visit to the meat lab will offer an immersive experience, showcasing cutting-edge technology in hog stunning, slaughter, scalding, portion cutters, smokehouses, patty machines (including smashburgers), and double clippers. This unique opportunity underscores the commitment of IMPPA and IAMP to advancing the meat processing industry by staying abreast of the latest technological innovations.

"We are excited to bring together members of IMPPA and IAMP for this collaborative convention," said Jessica Roosa, IMPPA President. "The workshops and tours will not only highlight the expertise of our host locations but also provide a platform for knowledge exchange and professional development. This joint effort underscores our commitment to advancing excellence in meat processing."

Friday's activities roll out at the Hotel Conference Center at the Embassy Suites. The IMPPA/IAMP Cured Meat Show will take place including 17 classes showcasing products of excellence across Indiana and Illinois. Educational sessions include: “An Innovative Look at Meat Packing Across the US” and “Production Lessons From the Field” by David Zarling, NMPAN; ”Brine Solutions 101” by Tom Katen and Bob Culler; “Product Development, Innovation, and Brainstorming” by Ryan Cox, University of Minnesota; “Wastewater: Where is Yours Going?” by Greg Gunthrop, Gunthrop Farms; and “Justifying the Cost of Equipment: ROI and Employee Welfare” by Mike Lorentz, Lorentz Meats. There's a wide array of kids activities throughout the day to include: swimming and pizza party, cookie decorating, games and snack stick judging. A convention highlight will be the Trade Show showcasing equipment, casings, seasonings, packaging and janitorial supplies, hand tools and so much more! The day will conclude with the Cured Meat Product Show awards ceremony and dinner with an AAMP Update by Chris Young, AAMP Executive Director.

The final day of convention kicks off with IMPPA and IAMP Annual Meetings. The kids have events planned throughout the day and night and include face painting, bubble machine, magic show and more. The trade show will be open followed by education sessions: “Employee Engagement: Setting up Processes That Work for All” by David Zarling, NMPAN; “Award Winning Product Development” by Ryan Cox, University of Minnesota; “Growing Pains” by Mike Lorentz, Lorentz Meats; “Eickman's Processing Virtual Plant Tour” by Tom Eickman, Eickman's Processing; and “Grants & USDA Technical Service” by Christi Southerland and Chris Roper, Flower Hill. The IMPPA folks will also be hosting ISDA, Indiana Grown, BOAH, and Indiana Beef. The three-day event concludes with a banquet to include special award presentations and entertainment by The Matt Poss Band.
For more information and to register for the convention, please visit, or call Dianne at 815-443-2492. Not a member, join IMPPA or IAMP at their respective websites.