New smoking variety from the "Master of Smoke”

JRS (J. Rettenmaier und Söhne, Rosenberg) now carries cherry and alder in the RÄUCHERGOLD Smoking Chips assortment.
In addition to the established varieties of beech, oak and spruce, JRS (J. Rettenmaier und Söhne, Rosenberg) now also carries cherry and alder in the RÄUCHERGOLD Smoking Chips assortment. The large range of varieties expands the spectrum of natural flavors: from the strong oak note to the mild fruity cherry. JRS has once again succeeded in transferring the age-old tradition of natural smoking to the modern world of the professional food industry and has positioned itself at the pulse of time.

Setting trends and generating additional sales
Especially in the classic smoke segment, manufacturers are required to differentiate themselves from the mass of traditional products. This can be achieved with new smoked specialties, which arouse the curiosity of consumers with attractive advertising messages and fresh, exciting taste experiences. "Golden yellow eel" smoked over alder, "cherry-smoked Black Forest trout" or "noble barrique ham" smoked over South German oak – there are no limits to new, attractive product creations. These specialties expand the product range alongside the traditional products and generate additional sales.

The RÄUCHERGOLD Purity Law: 100 % natural and transparent
JRS always stays with its philosophy: "Smoked according to true tradition" means 100% natural smoke, directly produced from selected woods in proven RÄUCHERGOLD natural smoking technology. The RÄUCHERGOLD purity law guarantees the exclusive use of natural primary raw materials and the application of purely mechanical and thermal production processes - without chemicals or artificial additives. Fresh, untreated woods from sustainable, PEFC-certified forestry are processed aroma-fresh and perfectly fractionated to guarantee optimal smoke production just-in-time in state-of-the-art smoking plants.

Process safety and food safety
The proven natural smoking technology from the market leader also scores with HACCP-certified food safety and smooth plant operation. The all-encompassing RÄUCHERGOLD technology system (RGE) incorporates all aspects of the entire smoking system as a whole into account in a special way. An extensive knowledge base and practical understanding results from the intensive technological cooperation of JRS experts with the leading smoke house manufacturers. Food produced with RÄUCHERGOLD impresses with consistent high quality and fine smoke aroma.

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