Code of Ethics

  1. Members shall give fair and accurate measure in products, making use of proper identification and labeling as to quality, weight, count, and/or volume.
  2. Services and goods shall be delivered as promised and members shall declare any implied, limited or full warranty, or the lack thereof, and honor it.
  3. Members shall maintain high standards of plant cleanliness and sanitation, maintaining those standards in areas of transportation, distribution, and sale to fully protect product quality and integrity.
  4. Members shall comply with local, state, and/or federal regulations and standards as applicable to goods and services they offer.
  5. Advertising and all promotions, whether delivered in written, oral, or audiovisual format, shall be truthful and accurate, and without misrepresentation.
  6. Members shall not misrepresent product or service, the nature, or scope of their business operations, nor imply that a specific quantity or selection of foods is adequate for the purchaser’s entire requirements in any specific period when such is not the fact.
  7. Members shall provide customers with an accurate declaration of price by pound, ounce, count, weight, volume, or unit for all meat and/or other food items.
  8. Savings shall not be promised to customers unless they can be fully substantiated.
  9. Members shall emphasize animal welfare and shall provide humane treatment for livestock and poultry during transport, holding, and slaughter. Employees involved with animals will be expected to practice humane handling techniques.
  10. Illegal actions or violations of law committed by firms, or individuals, agents, or other representatives of such firms, may be considered grounds for rejection of an application for membership in the American Association of Meat Processors when such firms, individuals, agents, or other representatives of such firms make such application through the same or other entities or subsequent businesses.
All Association members subscribe to the “Code of Ethics” as a condition of their membership. Please read them and indicate on the membership application form that you have done so, and agree to subscribe as a condition of your membership with AAMP.