DFV-AAMP Quality Competition for Sausage & Ham

The German Butchers Association (DFV, short for Deutscher Fleischer-Verband), the official representative of craft butchers in Germany, formed a partnership with AAMP to hold the DFV/AAMP IFFA Quality Competition for Sausage and Ham every three years in the United States.

The DFV-AAMP Competition took place January 15-22, 2022 in State College, Pennsylvania. The next Competition will take place in 2025. Details about the event will be made available in time.

2022 Competition Results

  • 2022 Champion - RJ's Meats, Hudson, WI (46 Total Gold)
  • Grand Prize of Sausage - RJ's Meats, Hudson, WI (32 Total Sausage Gold)
  • 2nd Prize of Sausage - Den's Country Meats, Table Rock, NE (29 Total Sausage Gold)
  • Grand Prize of Ham - Louie's Finer Meats, Cumberland, WI (19 Total Ham Gold)
  • 2nd Prize of Ham - Den's Country Meats, Table Rock, NE (16 Total Ham Gold)
  • Cup of Honour (Presented to companies that earn at least 5 gold medals)
  • Schaller & Weber (25 Total Gold)
  • The Country Butcher (19 Total Gold)
  • West Texas A&M University (18 Total Gold)
  • Crescent Meats LLC (17 Total Gold)
  • Grand Champion Meats (15 Total Gold)
  • Block & Cleaver Artisan Meats (14 Gold)
  • Paradise Locker Meats (14 Total Gold)
  • Cured by Visconti (13 Total Gold)
  • Ralph's Packing Company (12 Total Gold)
  • McDonald's Meats (10 Total Gold)
  • McMullen's Market (10 Total Gold)
  • Ranch House Sausage Co. (10 Total Gold)
  • Schmidt's Meat Market (9 Total Gold)
  • Wisconsin River Meats (7 Total Gold)
  • Penn State University (5 Total Gold)
  • People's Meat Market (5 Total Gold)
  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (5 Total Gold)
View the overall results here.



Thank you to UltraSource for their donation of disposable frocks and gloves to the DFV-AAMP competition.