DFV-AAMP Quality Competition for Sausage & Ham

The German Butchers Association (DFV, short for Deutscher Fleischer-Verband), the official representative of craft butchers in Germany, formed a partnership with AAMP to hold the DFV/AAMP IFFA Quality Competition for Sausage and Ham every three years in the United States.

The DFV-AAMP Competition will take place January 15-22, 2022 in State College, Pennsylvania.

Questions? Please email Nelson Gaydos, AAMP Outreach Specialist. 



2019 Competition Statistics

  • 42 plant participants (458 products in total)
  • Total Gold Medals (351)
  • 25 Cups of Honour (awarded to those with five or more gold medals in the competition)
  • Total Winner: Louie's Finer Meats, Cumberland, Wisconsin with 31 Gold
  • 1st Winner of Sausage: Louie's Finer Meats, Cumberland, Wisconsin with 25 Sausage Gold
  • 2nd Winner of Sausage: RJ's Meats, Hudson, Wisconsin with 18 Sausage Gold
  • 1st Winner of Ham: RJ's Meats, Hudson, Wisconsin with 10 Ham Gold
  • 2nd Winner of Ham: Tiefenthaler Quality Meats, Holstein, Iowa with 9 Ham Gold


Thank you to UltraSource for their donation of disposable frocks and gloves to the DFV-AAMP competition.