Do Your Numbers Add Up?

4713747020_626dc17a11_zWhen was the last time your company took the time to review its formulations and labeling to make sure that things added up correctly?

Sometimes small mistakes can lead to unwanted results, just ask Randy Alewel of Alewel’s Country Meats in Warrensburg, Missouri. A few weeks ago Alewel’s issued a recall for their buffalo jerky because of the wrong inspection legend on the product. The recall was a result of a small error in calculating the amount of beef added to the formulation. In order to place a USDA inspection bug on a package of buffalo jerky, there must be three percent beef in the formulation; Alewel’s fell just short of that number. This is not a new product for Alewel’s. They have sold it for quite some time, and they have an approved label from USDA with the incorrect formulation on it. An inspector doing a verification review found the error. Even though they had an approved label from USDA, Alewel’s still had to recall the product. To correct the returned product, they had to remove the circle bug before they could sell it. Like Alewel’s, other AAMP members may have a similar mistake. Please take the time to review your formulations and labeling. We do not want anyone else to have to experience what the team at Alewel’s has had to go through.

Chris Young, AAMP’s outreach specialist, will meet this week in Washington D.C. with the head of the labeling division at FSIS to discuss some of the issues AAMP members have been facing with inconsistencies in label approvals. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Chris.