HACCP Systems Validation is quickly coming upon us and does not appear to be going away. In May FSIS issued their latest version of the Compliance Guide for HACCP Systems Validation and not much has changed from last year’s version. In less than a year it will be part of your HACCP System and you will have to use it to ensure that your system works. The real issue before us now is, are we prepared for it?

Long before I came on staff in April, AAMP had been hard at work on Validation, deciphering the Compliance Guideline to understand what it meant to the small and independent processors that make up our membership. The results of that hard work were on display at our Validation workshop at our yearly convention in July. Members were given a clear overview of the Compliance Guideline and Regulatory Requirements needed for Validation as well as a thorough walk thru of what the Validation process will look like. In addition the members were given the tools they needed to take back to their plants and begin work on Validation of their HACCP systems. Members also heard from a member plant, whose been using the tools since January to do Validation. AAMP’s work on Validation did not end at our workshop, but will continue as we await the final Compliance Guideline which should be out before the end of the year or early next year. When the final guideline is published, small and very small plants will have 9 months to come into compliance. Are you prepared for what is coming? The AAMP members have the necessary tools available to them along with staff assistance to complete the task before them. If you are not currently a member of AAMP, now is the time to give it serious consideration. The cost of a yearly AAMP membership is small. The HACCP and Validation Benefits, PRICELESS!