HR 6201: Paid Sick Leave

This update comes to AAMP from Alaniz Law & Associates (March 18, 2020)

In light of the numerous school closures, AAMP members should be aware that in seven states: Arizona, California, Michigan New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington, school closings caused by a public health emergency are a qualifying reason to take paid sick leave. Many do not have a paid sick leave benefit unless it is state-mandated. Arizona, California, Connecticut, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington have paid sick leave laws.

Every company is being as understanding as possible where their employee needs are concerned, but in those states, there may be a legal obligation to provide the paid time off. In addition, if the H.R. 6201 – Families First Coronavirus Response Act is passed today, as it stood yesterday, employers at virtually every company with employees who have school closure child-care issues will be entitled to paid FMLA of 12 weeks and 10 days of paid sick leave for that purpose. The final 10 days of FMLA would be paid and the remaining 10 weeks would be at 2/3rds pay.

If H.R. 6201 is passed, AAMP will provide a summary of the law to members.