IFFA Frequently Asked Questions


Deadline: December 18, 2018
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How is this competition different from the IFFA in Germany?
The competitions are completely identical in preparation and judging. By using the same master butcher judges from the IFFA in Germany, the German Butchers’ Association (DFV) ensures that the tests are carried out according to their standards and the established evaluation requirements. Medals and trophies won at this competition will be recognized as part of the IFFA in Germany in May.

Who can participate?
Only AAMP processor members, in good standing, can participate in the competition. Products must be made in-house at the processor member’s plant.

What products qualify for the competition?
Please read the conditions of participation provided to AAMP by the DFV for product information. Products must meet U.S. safety regulations.

Do I have to be present to participate or win?
No. The competition is set up so that members can register and mail their products in to the competition. Members can deliver their products in-person and watch the competition, if they like. The DFV will notify all winners of their medal/trophy placement and invite the AAMP member to attend the official awards ceremony in Frankfurt, Germany in May 2019. If the member is not able to attend the official ceremony, awards will be mailed to the processor.

I’ve registered and sent my payment to AAMP. Now what?
You are all set for the competition! AAMP will process your payment and send your registration information to the DFV. The DFV will contact you with additional instructions for shipment of product samples. This will include a delivery note with registration numbers for your products. Please check this delivery note to make sure all details are correct. (i.e. product names, company address, etc.)

Where do I mail my products?
Products must be delivered (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.) by Friday, Jan. 18, 2019, by end of business day. The delivery address is: University of Wisconsin-Madison, UW Meat Laboratory, 1805 Linden Drive, Madison, WI 53706. Products can be hand delivered by the processor on Friday, Jan. 18 (10am-5pm) and Saturday Jan. 19 (10am-2pm). Product can be delivered Sunday, Jan. 20 (10am-2pm) with advance notice only.

Can I change my product or product name after I have registered?
Yes. You can change your product/name up until Saturday, Jan. 18. To make a change to your product/name, please contact diana@aamp.com.

I registered a product, but I’m unable to submit it now. Do I receive a refund?
No refunds will be issued for registered products not entered into the competition; however, you can exchange it for another product. Please contact AAMP as soon as possible to change your registration. Please inform AAMP if you are no longer submitting a registered product so we can inform the DFV of the change.

How do the German judges evaluate products?
Unlike AAMP’s American Cured Meat Championships, the DFV judges evaluate samples on an individual basis versus against other competitors’ products. This means every AAMP participant could potentially medal so long as their product scores high enough. Products are evaluated based on: exterior condition and texture; appearance, color and composition; and consistency, smell and taste.

Where can I watch the competition?
The competition will take place at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, 330 N. Orchard Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53715. The event is free to attend and open to the public. AAMP will also be live-streaming the event on Facebook at various times throughout the competition.

Judging schedule:

Monday, January 21 (Judging) (Workshops & welcome reception)
Tuesday, January 22 (Judging)
Wednesday, January 23 (Judging break)
Thursday, January 24 (Judging resumes)
Friday, January 25 (Judging ends)

Does AAMP have a hotel room block available?
No. If you choose to attend the competition in person, you are responsible for making your own hotel arrangements.

If you have any additional questions contact Diana Dietz at AAMP at 717-367-1168 or diana@aamp.com.