Nan Stevens to Retire After 50 Years of Service to AAMP

Nan Stevens 2015 (1)After more than 50 years of loyal service, Nan Stevens is retiring from the American Association of Meat Processors.

Nan began work at AAMP, formerly known as the National Institute of Locker & Freezer Provisioners (NILFP), in November 1965. At that time, NILFP was a rented office space and had no computers.

“The newsletter was printed on a mimeograph machine, meaning I had to type it out on a stencil, hitting the capital letters 10 times or more each just to cut through the wax page,” said Nan. “The copier was actually an old thermofax machine that ‘baked’ a copy (one at a time) and the yellowy copy looked like a sausage casing rather than paper.”

Nan began work in November 1965.

She has seen tremendous change over the years. Her roles have included: lead contact with state affiliates, regional, provincial and national associations; expertly proofreading communication efforts; updating affiliate member and prospective member records; staff liaison to the Nominating Committee; convention support; organizing ballots for the board of directors; and maintaining AAMP’s archives.

In 1985, she received an appreciation award for 20 years of service to AAMP. In 2000, she received the Outstanding Service Award. For the first time, this award was not presented to a current or former officer of an affiliated association, but to a 35-year veteran of the AAMP staff. “It was a surprise to me and a moment I will never forget,” said Nan. “It will always be one of the biggest highlights of my life.”

In 2000, she received the Outstanding Service Award. 

Even in her last few months of work, she continues to do what she does best, working hard, side-by-side with AAMP staff and serving the members. When asked what she will miss the most, Nan said, “I loved attending conventions and always looked forward to seeing my member friends there. I have always enjoyed what I do and cherish the memories I have made.”

AAMP Executive Director Marty Manion said, “We are very proud to be an organization that retains its staff. We wish Nan all the very best and thank her for her loyalty and hard work. She is the epitome of thoroughness and perfection in doing her job.”

In her retirement, Nan plans on spending quality time with her husband, John, attending her grandchildren’s sporting events, and bowling. She also plans to spend a lot of time at her cabin in Reedsville, Pennsylvania.

Her last day at AAMP is Thursday, December 31. Members are welcome to send well wishes to, or American Association of Meat Processors, Attn: Nan Stevens, 1 Meating Place, Elizabethtown, PA 17022.