OSHA’s Coronavirus Reporting Rules

OSHA has recently revised its recordkeeping requirements to make Coronavirus a recordable illness. Employers with more than 10 employees are responsible for recording in their illness and injury logs cases of the Coronavirus if:

  • It is medically confirmed as a coronavirus illness.
  • It is work-related (i.e. work environment either caused as contributed to the resulting condition).
  • It involves one or more of the general recording criteria (i.e. results in death, days away from work, medical treatment beyond first aid, or illness diagnosed by a physician).

OSHA acknowledges that “it remains difficult to determine whether a coronavirus illness is work-related.” Therefore, making a reasonable effort to determine work-relatedness should be proof of compliance. Several states have mandated that Coronavirus be deemed work-related through the end of the pandemic. More states are considering similar action. Check whether your state has done so.

Additionally, OSHA emphasized that merely recording instances of coronavirus does not confirm a violation of OSHA standards.

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