2131890e-598b-49f7-ae51-66a6c7f2c69bRALEIGH, NC (January 27, 2017)–Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) is pleased to announce that the world renowned Bristol University is coming to the U.S. to carry out a series of two-day welfare trainings for slaughter plants. The training events are organized through a partnership between AWA and Bristol University in Langford, UK, and are part of an ongoing commitment to facilitate training in all aspects of high-welfare livestock production.
Two courses will be available: one aimed at plants handling red meat species on March 7-8, 2017 and the other for poultry on March 9-10, 2017. The courses will appeal to plant owners and operators who are looking to further demonstrate their commitment to animal welfare and their understanding of the science behind the slaughter process–and improve the quality of their final product.  The courses will cover:
  • Animal behavior, consciousness and sensibility, and stress in animals
  • Practical aspects of handling and restraining animals
  • Practical aspects of stunning techniques and knowledge of manufacturers’ instructions on the type of stunning equipment used
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of stunning and the absence of signs of life
  • Back-up stunning and/or killing methods
  • Appropriate use and maintenance of bleeding knives
Attendees who successfully complete the courses will qualify as an Animal Welfare Officer (AWO) or Poultry Welfare Officer (PWO).  The course normally costs $750 per attendee, per course; however, AWA is pleased to offer a limited number of applicants the introductory rate of $350 per course–or $700 for both courses. Scholarships may be available to plants already working with AWA–please inquire for details.
For further information about the course contact or call 202-546-5292.
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