Stoltzfus Meats Announces Presidential Succession

At the 2019 Stoltzfus Meats Christmas banquet, Myron Stoltzfus (R), 3rd President, officially handed the “cleaver of leadership” to Travis Rohrer (L), 4th President.

Stoltzfus Meats, Inc., a leading Lancaster County producer and retailer of award-winning meat products, announced that Travis Rohrer, its current Vice President of Finance and Administration, has been named the fourth President, effective January 1, 2020. Myron Stoltzfus, the current President, will continue to serve as CEO and on the Stoltzfus Meats advisory board.

“Travis has capably served on the leadership team, where he has demonstrated not only his commitment to who we are as a company but also his capacity to take on whatever he was called upon to do,” said Stoltzfus. “Travis has shown his commitment to the company by living out our values and honoring the traditions held dear to Stoltzfus Meats, and has proven to be a man of character and competence who has the best interests of Stoltzfus Meats at heart. I believe that Travis’ leadership is what our company needs. I trust him and look forward to supporting him.”

Rohrer worked at Stoltzfus Meats market stands in ’95-’96, and began full-time employment at Stoltzfus Meats in October 2003, serving as Retail Market Manager, Controller, and the Vice President of Finance and Administration.

Rohrer said, “Stoltzfus Meats is a 65 year-old company with an incredible history, great reputation, high-quality products, and amazing people.  It’s where I developed from a young college grad into a growing professional, and where I had the opportunity to learn from and be mentored by some tremendous leaders.  It is such a great honor to now have the opportunity to lead this organization into the future.”

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